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Informatic company. Full automatization of accounting

Creation of Info-Calculator.

First version of Info-Calculator has been developed in Informatic company at the end of 1996 by Ivantsov R. and then completed by Efimov A. The program was written on Delphi 1.02 using VCL library.

Then, when in program were found some errors, but both authors already retired company. The source code has been lost and the only way to improve program was to rewrite it anew. This work has been made by Taimanov S. in the middle of 1998.

The second version of Info-Calculator was written on Object Pascal using modified OWL 1.0 library (not using VCL). Due to this program became smaller and quicker. Some new abilities have been added, old shortcomings ware corrected, possibly new errors have been made :-). To compile 16-bit version of calculator Delphi 1.02 is used and 32-bit version is compiled using Delphi 3.0

In December 1998 - January 1999 second version was developed to 2.1 version. New version has some new features, such as support different systems of notation, evaluation of one-variable functions, solving equations using method f iteration and o on.

Ancient library OWL 1.0 has been modified by Efimov A. and allows to create both 16 and 32-bit applications. Info-Accountant program is also written using this library.